Story Of The Half Blood Prince

Never knew I would feel this way,

but the moment I set my eyes on her,

her perfect personality and beautiful face,

had blown my mind away.

I was the first to tell her what she was,

though at first she thought I was crazy.

but by that time I had already fallen,

couldn’t help but agree.

We started off in school pretty much like how we were,

best of friends, and buddies forever;

but between came reputation and distance,

threw apart everything we had together.

Time passed by and I grew more apart,

with the new friends I made,

she tried to keep up with me,

but that was until I called her “mudblood”

when she finally left me open wounded.

She fell in love, married the idiot,

never did she realise my feelings for her,

but I accepted and went towards my dark goal,

and acheived the superior.

I was honored, dignified and blessed by the man I now serve,

but my heart still wants to protect her,

so I ask my Lord, for gracing her life,

little I knew, she gave it up for her life.

Now I live, a double faced man,

living a life of two, when I actually am half;

protecting the one with her green eyes,

but I hate him for living,

’cause if he hadn’t,Lily would be mine.

Dying a noble hero,

wasn’t my plan;

all I wanted to do was;

gaze into those green orbs, for the last time.



2 thoughts on “Story Of The Half Blood Prince

    • What I believe is that the only reason he did so was so that he wouldn’t feel guilty for leaving Lily. Protecting Harry was plan B since protecting Lily didn’t work out. :/


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