Who Is A “Reader”?

William Nicholson once said that, and I quote, “We read to know that we are not alone”.

A reader is a person who does not read simply because those words cast a spell across his or her mundane life. They read cause in that spell there is a hypnotic trance that not only carries them into the world of words but also a world filled with imagination and emotions.

Readers live a thousand lives and in each one of those lives there lay a hidden adventure which brings them closer to what and who they really are. To readers, words don’t simply have a meaning, they hold emotional references that connect their creative world to their real world.

Each quote, remembered and said over and over again hold an utmost importance to a reader not only because its a famous line but because they relate to it.

They are always spotted with a book in their backpack or in their hands. They would have spent all their pocket money on books they want to read and cherish forever. He/she is that kid who sits on the floor surrounded by discarded books that he/she tried or wished to read but could not. He is that boy who would be found sitting at the back of the class, with his book hidden by the cover of a popular auto magazine. She is that girl who would be seen sitting alone under a tree with earphones blasting her favorite music and a book perched on her lap. He is that boy with a semi-fashionable clothes sense, but a perfect vocabulary. She is that girl who would let a tear fall down across her cheek as she reads a sorrowful part in the book. They are those people who don’t just carry a book for the sake of it, they carry it cause it holds their world in it.

While you stare at them thinking to yourself as to why and what is so interesting in those pages that they won’t even look up to see what’s going on, they are head deep into the ocean of words which build new universes, characters and places in every millisecond. While you wonder to yourself as to what those words mean, they are picturing the character with faces of their friends and loved ones. While you judge that alone girl to be a person with no friends, she doesn’t need one, cause a book is her friend forever who makes sure that she is never lonely. While you laugh at the boy sitting at the last bench for reading a book meant for nerds and geeks, he shuts you off from his prospective hearing and allows himself to submerge into a world where he is accepted for who he is.

A reader doesn’t read to please society rules, they read only to please their heart which longs for words, and even more words.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Your Thing) for Dummies.”


4 thoughts on “Who Is A “Reader”?

  1. It was wonderful reading your post.
    I am kinda addicted to reading books -both fiction and non-fiction.
    (Imagine me reading them a day before exams as well)
    I totally could relate with what you have written!!
    Keep Posting!

    Liked by 1 person

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