Innocence Revealed

1000+ words prompt challenge using the following phrases:

* Never underestimate the lengths a person will go to in order to save a love one.

* Consider yourself special because you’re the only one I’ve ever revealed my secret to.

[Word Count: 1,209]


He looked everywhere he could, behind the library, in front of the lawn, outside the main gate and even at the football ground, but she was no where to be seen. Finally, frustrated he went back into the Admin block, only to find her at the bottom of the stairs. Those stairs, if climbed, would lead to the one place known to every student as hell, the Dean’s office.

Her face revealed that she had just cried in the past 15 or so minutes, but that was seen only because he knew her so well. She sat there on the last step with her one-hand bag at her side which he knew had her diary in it. The diary that got her into this mess in the first place.

Why would she still have it? He thought.

“I have it cause it’s me. It’s who I really am. Those thoughts, those words.. That is the only true thing about me in this college.”

Did I say that out loud, or did she just read my mind? He thought.

“Both. Actually, I read your face, Sam, you’re too easy to read. But the second statement you said it out loud” She giggled.

The diary in question was just a plain old book with dates from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011, each page held words, and in those words lie the hidden truth of what Anthea went through. One year, what exactly a year does to a person? Are 365 days enough to change a person’s thinking? Was it possible for a person to lose everything they hold dear in just 8760 hours?
Anthea was the proof that it sure was.

The year of 2011, the year they both began college. It is said that; it is during your college years that you understand who you are meant to be. True enough, Sam and Anthea found out exactly who they were.

Sam turned out to be quite the college stud, while Anthea swallowed herself as a whole as she continued to be the freak throughout her school times.

With tape-repaired round glasses that reminded her of her Harry Potter age, loose and baggy clothes that tried, yet failed, to hide her anorexic body, torn and worn old sneakers that were previously owned by her brother and a silver ring she wore on her left hand every day, reminding her that her parents watched upon her from wherever they were. That was Anthea. A girl with small dreams and aspirations. A girl who fought against all odds to be where Sam was. A girl, who did everything to get away from her past, but wasn’t able to.

Being bullied upon wasn’t new to Anthea, but she thought college would be different. Although, since when do we humans stop teasing and taking a mockery out of someone who isn’t like us? When have differences ever stopped us to think and appreciate rather than laugh and degrade? But Anthea was used to it all. She knew, it wasn’t important pause and think even once over the useless words of her bullies.

But could she?

At the age of 19, a girl expects to be a part of a group, to have a best friend with whom she could go on shopping sprees, a friend who she could talk to day and night. As a girl she expected someone to see the beauty in her, and if not her beauty, at the least her innocence. But since when do we humans watch out for innocence? All we look at, is the figure and the face.

The first year of college was no different than her last year in school. Studies always were tough, and so was the action of making new friends. All those people she approached would laugh at her childish glasses and skimpy clothes. No one stood long enough to hear what she had to say.

Having kept all those words and thoughts in her head for long, she started writing. As she wrote her feelings away, she would feel better and better every day. She faced each new day with new strength that everyone questioned. How can she still show her face around here? Is she mad? Doesn’t she know that no one wants her here!? She heard all those whispers and still stood tall.. Why should she stoop to words which made no sense. No one knew what she went through… No one knows what it’s like to be her.

The only one that knew what it was to be Anthea, was her diary. Cause in there she wrote her heart out. About the boy, Dave, who sat in front of her in class and would throw his pencil shred behind on her. About that girl, Kate, who would imitate her voice as to be weak and drowsy. About the boy she loved, who knew of her existence, but would rather waste time in watching TV series than to spend a second in asking her how her day was. About Sam and how he saved her from killing herself.

Anthea and Sam were opposites. The popular kid and the poor geek kid were worlds apart in the college society, yet they met. They were best of friends, well, even before college, but during college too. Sam was like the sea to the shore for Anthea, he would always make an appearance in an effort to fade away the scars on herself. He tried hard to make people accept her as she was, but humans have a knack of belittling people whom we are jealous of, and of course everyone was jealous of Anthea. The only best friend to the popular kid.

The entire year they ran around circles trying save the other from girl-guy issues of bullying feuds, and never once broke their bond. Even when Sam secretly reads Anthea’s diary and all those words, emotions and feelings sprang free from their boundaries, even then with all the anger Anthea had with her, she still forgave him. Why? Because he was the only friend she had. That too the only true one she would ever have.

So obviously while she wept alone on the last day of her first year in college, on a staircase that would lead her to hell, she fell apart in front of him. Only him.

Once the tear-works were over, she wiped away her sorrowful face with his hanky and looked up to him.

“Consider yourself special because you’re the only one I’ve ever revealed my secret to.” she said.

“I still don’t know your secret Thea… Well, apart from that diary.” He smirked at her.

“I am called for questioning”

“For what?” he asked.

“Whether or not I am to be blamed for Kate’s death” she replied.

“Are you?”

She stood up, grabbed her bag, looked him in the eye and said, “Never underestimate the lengths a person will go to in order to save a loved one. After all, I do love you.” and with that she turned around and walked upstairs to the Dean’s room. Sam stood there, surprised at the innocence or rather the lack of innocence Anthea just proved to have.

Anthea was never seen in the college again.


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