Magic of Harry Potter

This world isn’t where I belong,

It’s not where I was suppose to be,

But it showed a better life,

Something I wanted desperately.


A place full of magic,

New things to learn,

Not just spells and curses,

But values and morals.


Some place you can make friends,

who are of different ages and occupancy.

Some place you can call your home,

even if you are worlds apart.


With people of different types and ages,

You have elves, goblins and mermaids.

Wizards are thought to be strongest though,

but are incomplete without the rest.


Whether it be a castle, a house or just a street,

you would find magic hidden in every corner.

Its a place full of wonder,

and once there, you are a goner.


Chocolate frogs, and Berttie Botts Every flavoured bean,

Lemon drops or treacle tart,

All sorts of sweets you will find here,

of course, its accompanied by butterbeer!!


The golden snitch is fast, be careful,

it could make you work for it.

though be careful how you touch it first,

it will remember you forever.


Nothing can beat the bond of friendship though,

‘Cause every one needs a buddy,

But best are those who stick with you,

Even though you are a bit barmy!!



4 thoughts on “Magic of Harry Potter

  1. Truly a beautiful poem. Some of the best words to describe the world of Harry Potter. I don;t think I could have done a better job myself. I just watched OP and I could just feel the feels all over again!


  2. […] “Magic of Harry Potter” was my first complete poem, written on 25th April 2011, that made sense. Having completed the Harry Potter book marathon in my record breaking time of just 3 days, I sketched out the words and the feelings that the series brought inside of me. […]


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