Have I ever made a New Year’s Resolution that I have kept?

To me resolutions are promises that are never kept. They are words and thoughts that come and go through my head during the start and the end of the particular year. When I was small, I kept resolutions that were unrealistic and extremely hard to follow. For example, “No chocolates, else I’ll get more cavities and will have to visit the dentist more often than I wish to!” I was probably 7 years old with one too many “black holes” in my teeth, and after the countless dentist visits and dental fillings, I had decided no more chocolates. 2nd January, I ate chocolates given by my mum. At the age of 11, I decided to make another resolution; “No Disney Channel, unless I finish my homework”. 6th January, school reopens after winter break and I had watched every Lizzie McGuire episode that aired in those 10-something days BUT hadn’t done any homework. So with a history of unsuccessful Resolutions that mostly broke within the first week of New Year’s, I swore to never make a resolution at the age of 15.

Well, I broke that one too.

At the age of 19, I promised myself one last resolution; in the words of my late grandmother I promised myself to follow her words.

“Try until you succeed”

*Fingers crossed* I still have kept this Resolution. I’m 21, its 2015 and I am proud to tell myself that even now, I try until I succeed. Whether it be this blog, or my Facebook page; whether it be the motivation for my best friend, or something as simple as love; I shall always try until I succeed. Cause “If at first you don’t succeed-try, try again!”

Post for January 2nd in terms of Daily Post’s “365 Days of Writing Prompts”


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