In the current age, there are many ways one can express their love for writing. Tablets and mobiles do come with portable wireless keyboards for those who aren’t comfortable with those “touch one too many alphabets” touchscreen keyboards. Laptops and computers have always been a solution with its Microsoft Word and Notepad. Although, whatever you say, nothing can beat the swift sounds of writing across a paper with a half empty pen.

Quite a few of my poems and stories have begun like that. On a paper, or on the corners of my old chemistry notes. Well, what to say, chemistry has been never an interesting subject for me. My mind still does race during those long college lectures where I just cannot fish out my phone and start typing. In those creative moments, my notebook and pen save me, and I must say, they do so quite well.

Having penned about 7 poems and 3 short stories on paper before putting it online, I do prefer the scribbles than the backspacing. Why?

Because it proves my growth. I scribble those words that I feel I could write better.

It shows me my path. Where I  have come from and where have I reached!

Scribbles show me that I have done something to call myself a writer.

Backspaces only truly show the final masterpiece, but not the journey that led the words there. Not the story behind why the particular word was erased, or why did I use two words that could easily be defined in just one.

Scribbles done on a paper with pens and pencils mark my journey.

2 of my personal “Scribbles”, as I like to call them. The one on left is a short story inspired by Harry Potter (Sort of like fanfiction) and the one on right is a poem.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”


4 thoughts on “Scribbles

  1. This was a great piece actually. I’m in the same state. Paper marks the journey I went through while writing a particular piece. The laughter, the tears, the whole experience.
    I am just too glad somebody wrote a piece about it. And that too such a good one.

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