When Harry Potter Meets Twilight

Just assume that the world of Harry Potter meets the world of Twilight!

Harry: Cedric! You’re alive… How?
Edward: Carlisle here changed me.
Carlisle: We are vegetarian Vampires.
Hermione: Vegetarian, how can a vampire be vegetarian.
Emmet: We drink only animals’ blood.
Lavender: You sick filthy people.
Jacob: I’m a werewolf.
Lupin: How can you be so casual about it? Doesn’t transformation hurt? Every bone in your body breaking and repairing itself?
Jacob: Well, no, since I can transform anytime, I’ve gotten used to it!
Greyback: That’s impossible, no full moon?
Jacob: Um, no… Here I’ll show you


Sirius: Your name is Jacob Black, and you turn into a dog. Very original.
Emmet: So you all are…
Dumbledore: Wizards…
Minerva: And Witches!
Aro: Oh! Have any extra powers? I can see people’s thoughts by touching them.
Edward: I can read people’s minds. Well, except for Bella’s.
Snape: You do not understand the fine distinctions. Only “Muggles” talk about mind-reading. The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside-
Harry, Sirius, Dumbledore: Snape, we know!
Snape: Ob-viou-sly.
Alice: Well, I can see the future.
Sybil: Made any predictions?
Alice: It depends on peoples thoughts, and decisions.
Sybil: I’m afraid you do not posses the subtle art of seeing the future.
Charlie Swan: Well, I’m normal from these folks.
Charlie Weasley: So you’re a Muggle! My name is Charlie too, and I work with the dragons!
Charlie Swan: Dragons? They exist too? *faints*
Hagrid: Of course they do, along with Blast Ended Skrewts, and Three headed dogs and Hippogriffs…
Ron: Not to forget basilisks!
Jasper: What’s a basilisk?
Voldemort: Oh, it’s just one of my pet snakes that can kill you by just looking at you.
Harry: Oh no worries, I killed it when I was twelve!

I bet this shows which side I am on…..

Harry Potter

*Written way before today.... some time in 2013 when the said war was pretty much on*

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”


21 thoughts on “When Harry Potter Meets Twilight

  1. To be really honest, as soon as i read the title I went- Oh no! Another person ruins Harry Potter by comparing it with Twilight.
    Yet I am pleasantly surprised as to how you incorporated different elements of both the series. And even more happy at the side you chose(I am at the same side). All in all, a very interesting read!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well cannot deny my Potterhead childhood for a Twilight-phase now can I?

      Having read both series, one which I grew up with and the other that I fancied for some “key” elements but rather grew out of it, I do in fact agree that they are incomparable. One one hand you have a series that follows friendship, love, betrayal and a prophecy that changed not only one life, but many; and on the other hand you have a series that follows the life of a simple girl looking for love. They are different in not only plot but in their elements and writing styles too.

      But it was fun writing this piece. Just another way to shout out my love for Harry Potter.

      Liked by 1 person

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