Linger (If Only)

We dread as we live, but linger when we have to leave.

Very many of us have had the notion of “staying behind” the one place in our lives that has given the most of the best and the worst of experiences. The phrase of “moving on” doesn’t calm our hearts, nor our nerves, the only thing it does is make us want to linger. If only.

“Life is a constant state of change” is just another quote made up so that it help us to be happy when we move from one place to another. Just another sentence that is used to cause peace in our hearts. To many people it does work, but to a few, like me; it does not.

I dreaded the 3 years and 7 months of my college life; complaining about various stuff that were wrong or simply boring in my college. Now, in the last few months I find that the things that would once upon a time make me angry as to how a fine institution could degrade it; is what I would miss the most. There were people I fought with and people I fought for. Things I wish I could change and things I wish I hadn’t. The few memories I wish I could forget. Many memories which I’ll cherish for life. Life is exactly like that.

Truly speaking, what does a 21 year-old with not much of an experience know about life? Just yesterday I scribbled on white shirts writing immature messages that are meant to be memories; and that’s exactly why I wish to linger on to this moment for the rest of my life. Because no matter what, I’m never going to be able to relive my undergrad years; unless you’re Cisco* and you could build me a time machine.

Undergrad is exactly like the 11th Doctor**; everyone is extremely picky of how and what it’s going to be like… but when it’s time to let go, no one really wants it to end (Nor did Matt Smith though.) It grows on you. You have friends you’d never want to lose, teachers who taught you more about life than their courses, college fests you wish you could keep taking part in, memories that you’d take it your grave and most importantly a life filled with confusion and excitement.

Undergrad life is just like a mirror, split it into two halves and they both compliment each other.

The 1st year – you are new to this strange world and you hate it. You just left your older friends to make new. Does it get easier? Never.

The 2nd year – finally settling down eh? Wait a minute lets add in some drama and lose loose ends.

The 3rd year – Had enough of drama? Let’s settle things down and get knit well together.

The 4th and last year – You’re leaving and you can do nothing about it. Everything you hated is what you love now. Say goodbye to a lot of friends/family you made till now. Will it be easy? Never.

[This only applies IF you pass all your years]

Rest assured, college life is the time everyone wishes to linger on. For many it’s the place where they find out who they really are, but to me it was where I finally embraced who I really am. [PS: a geek.]

| *- The Flash TV series reference, if you didn’t get it
**- From Doctor Who (BBC) duh….|

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Linger.”


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