Chapter 1: It’s The Beginning Of The End

Ready, Set; GO!

Okay, hold up… Where? What?

After the wonderful journey of 1461 days, Hayley had no idea where “GO!” meant for her. Even after having a degree from a “reputed” college, no golden doors opened for her, neither for her friends. She had no idea where to go, but she was damn sure of what to do.

A goal in mind is usually how dreams come true; isn’t it? Hayley thought so too. Nobody ever told her how hard or difficult it would be to make what you want from what you got. And what she got was pure nothing. Yes, she had her few share of experiences but none were capable of helping her reach the stars.

Literally touch the stars.

All Hayley wanted to do in life was star gaze.

To her the stars held answers she sought. What is beyond the known? Do aliens exist? If so, have they ever contacted us? How would zero-gravity feel? How can something that seems so small, be so large in reality? Is life exactly like that?

Unknown was what many called the universe. But it was the thirst of knowing the unknown that drove Hayley forward. To many, she was a fool; seeking a future in a market that did not have much returns for her or her knowledge, but she was above all that. For her, knowledge was an ever expanding sphere, and where else to learn but from the universe itself that gave her all that she is now.

To wish upon a falling star, and her wish was to fall with those stars.

The end of Engineering brought on the beginning of her star-studded life. How is she gonna reach there? She doesn’t know. Will she reach there? Only time will tell….. or maybe its written in the stars *wink*

Is she ready? Yes.

Does she have an idea set? Yes.

Should she go ahead? ((you tell me))

This NaBloPoMo, follow Hayley’s life as she seeks the unknown among stars


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