Chapter 2: Star-Lust

Neck hurting.

Eyes straining.

Looking for darkness.

Hands creeping.

Mind snapping.

Searching for the brightness.

The only way to see the magic of stars was to either sit in front of a laptop and google the live view or go out there, into the dark and just look up. Hayley often wandered around her rooftop in the middle of the night, hoping to see the Orion Belt or maybe Jupiter.

Her hands shadowing the streetlights away from her eyes so she could focus a tad bit more.

Her blanket, jar of Nutella, “Astronomy” written by Duncan John opened up on the “Constellations” page and the very ruffled up teddy would often be the only company she’d have for the night; but it was enough. Cause the stars never gave up.

Well except on those very irritating cloudy nights.

But today was very different. Today she was done with her basic degree and was happy to have her options open. She was promised an education in Astronomy if she completed her Engineering (Astronomy wasn’t a very ideal occupation for her parents or relatives) and now that it’s done, she can finally set out on her very own voyage. Probably on Enterprise that too.

Growing up with Harry Potter where they taught Astronomy and then watching Doctor Who in her post-teens, Hayley became even more attached and addicted to star gazing. Her need to know more increased rapidly, and very soon she had mapped out a way into the NASA program.

Of course, to her it was easier to plan than to do. She was positive, as she has had an experience with the NASA program for young children and their interest in Astronomy and Astronaut training, but this was a whole new level.

Her plan seemed ready, even if it only meant that way to her. But her mind was set and all she wanted to do was go ahead with this idealistically impossible roller-coaster ’cause you never know when it might just work.

After all, try try and try again till you succeed.

This NaBloPoMo, follow Hayley’s life as she seeks the unknown among stars


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