Three People Walk Into A Bar…..

Three people walk into a bar, well not exactly a bar but whatever you call The Leaky Cauldron to be. Ginny and Hermione ordered their usual Firewhisky with a touch of muggle vodka and Ron was seen sipping on his Butterbeer and munching on those every crunchy muggle nuts.

“So, what is the exact plan for Harry’s birthday this year?”

“Well, I thought maybe me and him could celebrate alone for this year. After all we did get married this year!”

“Oh c’mon Gin-Gin, you had your honeymoon. And as much as I hate to accept it, but you guys are too “in love”. He needs a proper party with all his friends! You can have that celebrations later!”

“Eww Ron we are so not like that, and for Merlin’s sake please stop calling me Gin-Gin. I’m married now.”

“Fine. Let’s get back to the topic shall we”

“Yes, I was thinking maybe taking him to Godric’s Hallow and you know, celebrating it with his parents and Sirius” [You’d think his grave would be any where else?]

“That’s a great idea Hermione, but we don’t wanna upset the poor bloke on his birthday. Let’s live a little *ouch* what was that for?”

“For being the insensitive twat that is yourself. Harry would love spending his birthday with his family”

“I thought we are his family…”

“We are, but we can’t keep him from celebrating it with his parents and his godfather!”

“But they are dead!”

“Oh my Merlin Ron, how can you be such an emotionless person!”

“Umm Hermione… you guys can fight later. Right now we have work to do. I only have 10 mins before Harry comes home and finds me missing. We were suppose to go for dinner together!”

“Fine, Ron we shall talk about this later. So, the plan? Ummm maybe get everyone to the Godric’s Hallow and first spend some time in the graveyard and the go to that pub near their old house where James and Lily used to always meet up with Sirius and Remus? What say? We could probably book the whole pub, seeing as we would easily cross the 50 people mark”

“Yes that sounds good… now for the presents, I already have something for Harry and from what I feel he’s going to love it….  ”

“Too much information Ginny, too much information. Spare you’re brother some details!”

“Oh shut it! You don’t even know what I’m talking about”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh nothing…. just a little someone.. sorry something…”

“Ginny, are you…..?”

“Uh… yeah, I am”

“Congratulations!! but wait, you can’t drink that”

“Thanks Hermione, and umm no actually I can’t I just ordered it so you don’t find it suspicious!”

“Wait what is going on? Ginny what are you? Hermione why are you congratulating her? And why can’t she drink?”

“Oh Ron!” Hermione and Ginny both shook their heads and started laughing.

Not much further than this group of laughing women and a confused man, sat a man hidden in his invisibility cloak, smiling to himself and pondering on how eventful would his birthday be.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fill In the Blank.”